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Latest News

  • Czech Customers Visit
    Czech Customers Visit

    Yesterday, Tanzanian customers came to the BIOBASE Brocade Group for a seven-day visit. The customer visited BIOBASE's full line of products and in-depth understanding of the comprehensive strength of BIOBASE Brocade Group and negotiated further cooperation.

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  • Photo of 2019 Spring Canton Fair
  • Welcome to 2019 Spring Canton Fair
  • Umbilical cord ligation correct way
    Umbilical cord ligation correct way

    Umbilical cord links the fetus and placenta is the organ of the strip, one end of the link in the fetal abdominal umbilical round, and the other end attached to the fetal side of the placenta, there is an umbilical vein amnion gray zone, the two veins arteries, blood vessels around Watertown gum pro

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  • Shaft fracture fixation splint
    Shaft fracture fixation splint

    After fibula shaft fracture splint to the third of the forty to fifty degrees of knee flexion and extension, inside and outside over the knee, in the middle part of the one-third, not to exceed knee and ankle joints, the lower third place, inside and outside the side over the ankle. Fixed pad to fol

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  • Welcome you to visit our booth: 21-147
    Welcome you to visit our booth: 21-147

    This is a sample paragraph. Feel free to edit this text to make it say anything you would like it to say.

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